Pulsed Xenon UV Disinfection

Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots™ produce the only Full Spectrum UV Disinfection that can kill C.diff spores in 5 minutes.

Proven Effective

Proven effective against c.diff, MRSA and 22+ pathogens. Published in ICHE, AJIC and Journal of Infection Prevention.

Xenon is the Difference

Xenex is the only provider of Xenon-based UV, the most powerful, non-toxic and effective way to disinfect.

Experts Say
  • “We want to insure patient rooms are free from microorganisms that cause infections, and this new technology will provide the safest rooms for our patients and save lives.”

    Dr. Jerry Kolins, Chief Medical Quality Officer, Palomar Medical Center

  • “The PX-UV device provided a statistically significant reduction in microorganisms compared to standard terminal clean and eliminated VRE from high-touch surfaces sampled within the time constraints of normal hospital operations.”

    Conclusion of Xenex study published in ICHE medical journal

  • “Using a pulsing xenon bulb, the Xenex system can disinfect a standard hospital room in as little as 5 minutes, achieving a 3- to 6-log reduction, killing all major classes of microorganisms without contact or chemicals.”

    Healthcare Purchasing News

  • “The machine-on-wheels looks like a cousin of R2-D2, minus the endearing beeps and whirs of the ‘Star Wars’ droid. What it lacks in cuteness, it makes up for by producing brilliant pulses of ultraviolet light that can kill microorganisms in a hospital room.”

    San Diego Union Tribune

  • “The company’s unique pulse xenon UV technology has been proven effective in deactivating and removing C. diff from both surfaces and the air, helping to make hospitals safer for patients.”

    Surgical Products Magazine

  • Using a combination of tools and technologies, including Xenex’s room disinfection system, we were able to reduce our MRSA infections to zero in our ICUs and save more than $2 million.

    Terrance Akin, COO, Cone Health

  • “Xenex’s technology enables Sodexo to confidently provide a healthy healing environment to the patients, visitors and staff we serve more quickly and more effectively than any other technology on the market.”

    John LaRochelle, VP of EVS, Sodexo

  • “Patients are much less likely to develop a hospital acquired infection now that we use the Xenex UV light system.”

    Dr. Joann Levin, Cooley Dickinson Hospital

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