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Meet the Team | Xenex

Meet the team.

Meet the team.

Founded by epidemiologists, our leadership team brings diverse technical and healthcare expertise.

It’s this diversity that enables us to disrupt traditional thinking in infection prevention and reduce infection rates in hospitals.

Xenex leverages a diverse team from different industries to create technology and solutions that employ evidence-based practices and make a measurable difference in the healthcare environment. Our science team regularly travels nationwide to consult with customers for a variety of needs:

- High-level meetings with facility CMO, CNO and others
- Statistical analysis of HAI rate data and environmental data
- Design of environmental or HAI rate reduction outcome studies
- Recommendations for overall HAI/SSI rate improvement
- Infection control audits
- Review and recommendations of procedures and data

Morris Miller - Xenex CEO
Morris Miller  |  Chief Executive Officer
Morris Miller - Xenex CEO
Morris Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Morris enjoys wind surfing, P90x and golfing.
Mark Stibich
Mark Stibich, PhD  |  Epidemiologist and Chief Scientific Officer
Mark Stibich
Mark Stibich, PhD
Epidemiologist and Chief Scientific Officer
Mark enjoys Microbiology, reading and hiking.
Julie Stachowiak, PhD  |  Chief Epidemiologist
Julie Stachowiak, PhD
Chief Epidemiologist
Julie enjoys art, writing and cooking.
Paul Froutan - Xenex COO
Paul Froutan  |  Chief Operating Officer
Paul Froutan - Xenex COO
Paul Froutan
Chief Operating Officer
Paul enjoys flying planes, scuba diving and racing automobiles.
Xenex X4 Robot
Glenn Halff, MD  |  Advisory Board Member
Xenex X4 Robot
Glenn Halff, MD
Advisory Board Member
Glenn enjoys exercising, jump-roping and scuba diving.
Xenex X4 Robot
Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, PhD  |  Member of the Board of Directors
Xenex X4 Robot
Matthew Rhodes-Kropf, PhD
Member of the Board of Directors
Matthew enjoys playing soccer and tennis.
Xenex X4 Robot
A.J. Rosmarin  |  Advisory Board Member
Xenex X4 Robot
A.J. Rosmarin
Advisory Board Member
A.J. enjoys golfing and bicycling/spinning classes.
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