• Westchester Medical Center

    Westchester Medical Center reported a 20% drop in C. diff and MDRO infections after using Xenex robots to disinfect 22% of their overall discharges.

  • Temple VA

    Temple VA added Xenex to their cleaning procedures to improve results.

  • Trinity Medical Center

    Learn how Xenex contributed to Trinity’s increases in patient satisfaction.

  • Moses Cone

    Moses Cone reported a 57% reduction in MRSA rates after implementing Xenex and a bundled solution.

  • Cooley Dickinson

    Cooley Dickinson Hospital reported a 53% reduction in C. diff infection rates after introducing the use of Xenex Robots.

  • Cambridge Health Alliance

    Cambridge reported a 50% reduction in bacterial contamination on OR surfaces and in the air after using Xenex.

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center

    This study reported a 30% facility-wide C. diff reduction and a 30% VRE reduction.

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

    St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center reported a 62% reduction in microbial load in the OR after using Xenex.