First UV Disinfection Technology Proven to Deactivate COVID-19

We reduce HAI rates with the Intensity of Pulsed Xenon UV.

It’s time to stop the HAI problem…

According to the CDC, in the U.S., approximately the same number of people die from healthcare associated infections (HAIs) as from AIDS, breast cancer and auto accidents combined [1,2]. As antimicrobial resistance increases, HAIs will become even more life-threatening and costly. As healthcare professionals, we have an obligation to advocate for the safety of patients. As the market leader in environmental disinfection, XENEX has helped 400+ hospitals achieve HAI rate reductions.​ HAIs are preventable and XENEX can help.

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Tackling environmental cleaning head-on

Disinfection of the hospital environment is critical in the prevention of cross contamination and HAIs.​ While necessary, the limitations of traditional cleaning are well documented and, alone, it is not the most effective method to improve environmental hygiene in your hospital. Disinfection of high touch surfaces with the LightStrike™ Germ-Zapping™ Robots powered by SureStrike 360™ technology is shown in multiple published outcome studies to achieve unprecedented HAI rate reductions and is the standard of care in hundreds of U.S. hospitals. Let us show you why XENEX is the solution for environmental hygiene.​

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No reduction,
no cost.
Risk Free Program.

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Germicidal UV to the power of SureStrike 360™ technology: A formidable foe to HAIs

Powered by pulsed xenon SureStrike 360™ technology, the Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots are the standard of care for no-touch disinfection. Supported by nearly two dozen peer reviewed studies, it’s no wonder why over 400 hospitals have chosen Xenex to elevate their environmental hygiene practices.

Because patients deserve a disinfected room!

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More than just a robot,
a comprehensive disinfection program

Our advanced SureStrike 360™ technology is just a part of what sets us apart. Supported by a team of Infection Rate Reduction Specialists,​ we deliver comprehensive infection rate reduction programs, including analysis, training and execution, and ongoing measurement and reporting for optimal HAI rate reduction results.

  • Project Management
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
Train & Execute
  • Onsite Implementation
  • Training Programs
  • Account Managers
Measure & Report
  • Device Reporting
  • Monitoring Results
  • Maintenance Experts

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Hospitals committed to patient safety partner with XENEX


See how we’ve helped hospitals and health systems achieve statistically significant HAI rate reductions

57%reductionin MRSA infection rates

Cone Health System
in JIP 2013

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70%reductionin C. diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center
in AJIC 2015

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100%reductionin total joint SSIs

Trinity Medical Center
in AJIC 2015

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[1] Murphy, S. L., Xu, J., Kochanek, K. D., Curtin, S. C., & Arias, E. (2017). Deaths: Final Data for 2015. National vital statistics reports: from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System, 66(6).

[2] Magill, S. S., Edwards, J. R., Bamberg, W., Beldavs, Z. G., Dumyati, G., Kainer, M. A., … & Ray, S. M. (2014). Multistate point-prevalence survey of health care–associated infections. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(13), 1198-1208.