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The Xenex approach.

Learn how our teams give your hospital the tools to ensure results in your facility.

Our team works with you from planning and implementation to training and expansion.

We seek to make The Xenex Customer Care Plan the most comprehensive in the industry. Each customer receives a dedicated team of Xenex Implementation and Account Management professionals. With a mission to help our customers combat HAIs, these teams help hospitals integrate the LightStrike® Germ Zapping Robots® into their cleaning protocols to optimize their infection prevention programs.

 How we work with you to drive success:

Project Management

We work with your hospital to determine the optimum disinfection protocol based upon your hospital layout, patient population, patient turnover and prevalent pathogens.

Onsite Implementation

The Xenex team will travel to your facility and create a custom program based upon your project manager's proposed protocol.

Training Program

We train your staff to Run the Robots™ to maximize the benefit of your Xenex investment for your facility.

Account Managers

An Account Manager is assigned to help you with your Xenex program and logistics, ensuring you receive the greatest possible ongoing improvement in HAI reduction.

Device Reporting

Our customer online portal keeps you aware of the activities of your staff and the use of the Xenex LightStrike Robots in your facility. The extensive cloud-based reporting on utilization helps our teams to proactively help you meet your goals.

Monitoring Results

Our highly trained staff of experienced Infection Preventionists and epidemiologists assist in tracking outcomes at your facility. We help quantify the HAI reduction impact you can expect from your Xenex Program.

Maintenance & Repairs

An individual from each customer’s facility will receive Xenex Certified Technician training on routine maintenance and repairs to ensure uninterrupted use of the Xenex LightStrike Robot. Most repairs are easily resolvable in the field. If an issue requires more extensive service, repairs are performed at Xenex’s facility in San Antonio in a timely manner.

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