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Solutions with proven outcomes for hospital disinfection.

Xenex LightStrike® Germ-Zapping Robots® provide proven, effective, fast Full Spectrum® UV disinfection.

Learn how Full Spectrum®Pulsed Xenon UV disinfection helps hospitals combat HAIs, reduces C. diff and MRSA infection rates, and why you should choose Xenex for your facility.

Xenex Disinfection Services is a San Antonio, Texas, based company that produces the only Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV Germ-Zapping Robot®. We designed the LightStrike Robots for speed, portability and effectiveness, to allow for the systematic disinfection of any space within a healthcare facility. Approximately 400 hospitals have repeatedly shown that Xenex can integrate smoothly into their hospital cleaning operations, allowing the disinfection of as many as 64 rooms a day with a single Robot.

How LightStrike Works

Learn about Pulsed Xenon Full Spectrum® UV disinfection and why it’s so effective at eliminating deadly pathogens.

Video Demos

Peer Reviewed Published Outcome Studies show reductions in C. diff, MRSA and other MDROs that exceed 50%.

Costs of HAIs

Successfully combating HAIs has become a significant and actionable financial opportunity for U.S. hospitals today.

Research & Results

Xenex customers have published their extraordinary outcomes and reductions in infections – the majority of which exceed 50% – in many peer reviewed published outcome studies.

Resource Center

Download content and resources to help you learn how to reduce the incidence of HAIs in your facility by providing a cleaner, safer environment for your patients.

Westchester Medical Center

Westchester Medical Center reported a 70% drop in ICU Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infections with the use of Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots®. Read the full study now. 

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