Quick Clean + Pulsed Xenon Light Disinfection = Better Surface Decontamination in ORs

Lou Ann Bruno-Murtha, DO, Ana Fridman, BS, MLS(ASCP)CMP, Rebecca Osgood, MD, John Mcallister, Kenneth Atwell, M(ASCP). APIC 2013 Poster Presentation.

Decreasing Operating Room Contamination of Surfaces and Air with Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection




Cambridge Health Alliance evaluated the effects of (PX-UVD) by comparing bacterial contamination on surfaces and in the air of operating rooms after standard cleaning and a quick clean, defined as cleaning the bed and visible soiled areas, followed by PX-UVD. Standard Cleaning did not significantly decrease surface contamination or bioburden in the OR. However, a Quick Clean and PX-UVD resulted in a significant reduction (55%) in positive surface cultures and bioburden (81%) compared to SC. PX-UVD also significantly decreased air contamination during cases (46%) and after the terminal clean (100%). “The impact of PX-UVD may even be greater in a busy OR since we observed a significant decrease in bioburden after Quick Cleaning and PX-UVD as compared to Standard Cleaning after the third case.”


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