Pulsed Xenon Disinfection vs Manual Disinfection

Chetan Jinadatha, Frank C. Villamaria, Marcos I. Restrepo, Nagaraja Ganachari-Mallappa, I-Chia Liao, Eileen M. Stock, Laurel A. Copeland, and John E. Zeber.; American Journal of Infection Control 2015, Volume 43, Issue 4, Pages 415–417.

Xenex effective even in absence of manual cleaning


Can pulsed xenon ultraviolet light systems disinfect aerobic bacteria in the absence of manual disinfection?




Whereas pulsed xenon-based ultraviolet light no-touch disinfection systems are being increasingly used for room disinfection after patient discharge with manual cleaning, their effectiveness in the absence of manual disinfection has not been previously evaluated. Our study indicates that pulsed xenon-based ultraviolet light systems effectively reduce aerobic bacteria in the absence of manual disinfection. These data are important for hospitals planning to adopt this technology as adjunct to routine manual disinfection.


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