Turnover Clean + Pulsed Xenon Light Disinfection for Superior Surface Disinfection in ORs

Maurice Croteau CEH HEM, Sarah Simmons MPH, CIC, Mark Stibich, PhD, MHS, Julie Stachowiak, PhD, MPH, MIA. APIC 2013 Poster Presentation

Using Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet to Decrease Contamination in Operating Rooms During Terminal Cleaning





This study assesses the level of bacterial contamination in a terminally-cleaned OR as compared with a modified turnover (between case) clean plus PX-UV. Five surfaces were selected for sampling after terminal cleaning in 16 ORs and after Turnover Clean+PX-UV disinfection in 22 ORs for a total of 190 samples. Contamination levels for the two cleaning methods were compared using negative
binomial regression. The Turnover Clean+PX-UV method was shown to be superior to standard terminal cleaning, producing a 62% reduction in microbial load in the OR.



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