Lowell General Hospital

Angela Catalanotti, Dudley Abbe, Sarah Simmons, and Mark Stibich. American Journal of Infection Control 44.6 (2016).

46% reduction in rate of Class I SSIs, $478,055 saved



Influence of pulsed-xenon ultraviolet light-based environmental disinfection on surgical site infections.



This study evaluates the influence of nightly pulsed-xenon ultraviolet light disinfection and dedicated
housekeeping staff on surgical site infection (SSI) rates. SSIs in class I procedures were reduced by 46%
(P = .0496), with a potential cost savings of $478,055. SSIs in class II procedures increased by 22.9%, but
this was not significant (P = .6973). Based on these results, it appears that the intervention reduces SSI
rates in clean (class I), but not clean-contaminated (class II) procedures.


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