Our real-world HAI rate reductions speak for themselves

Our HAI reduction rates are well documented in numerous, real-world, peer-reviewed, hospital outcome studies that are unmatched in the industry.
70% reduction in C. diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center in AJIC 2015

100% reduction in total joint SSIs

Trinity Medical Centerin AJIC 2015

Peer Reviewed Studies
First Investigation of PX-UV for Environmental Disinfection

Xenex eliminated all VRE from the environment  

Pulsed xenon light disinfection vs traditional cleaning

7X more effective than traditional cleaning, 16X more effective at deactivating MRSA, and 23% faster than traditional cleaning  

Westchester Medical Center Facility-Wide

20% reduction in C. diff + MDRO infection rates, 22% of discharge rooms treated  

HAI Rate Reduction Studies

Jewish Home & Care Center

71% reduction in UTI rates and 100% in skin infection rates, 54% drop in hospital readmissions from nursing home.  

HAI Rate Reduction Studies

Burn Unit Research

Significant reductions in burn unit ORs and patient room contamination, longest duration with no cases of hospital acquired C. diff infections in burn ICU in 2 years.  

Environmental Studies

2 Minute Between Case Operating Room Cycle

72.5% reduction in OR high-touch surface contamination with single 2-minute cycle between cases.  

HAI Rate Reduction Studies

Lowell General Hospital

46% reduction in rate of Class I SSIs, $478,055 saved  

Environmental Studies

Total Kill of Ebola and Anthrax

Elimination of Ebola (>4 log) and Anthrax (>3 log), >6-log reduction of MRSA, CRE, MDR-A. baumanii, and more.  

Environmental Studies

Queens Romford (UK) 5-log Reduction

5 log reduction of MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter and CRE in 10 minutes  

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