Reducing HAIs

Millions of lives affected,
billions of dollars spent…

The preventable reality of HAIs

It takes
a unified team
to battle Healthcare
Associated Infections

Disinfection in your environment

The infection prevention battle is fought on many fronts throughout healthcare facilities. Infection Preventionists, OR Directors, Environmental Services Directors and their teams all work together to help ensure the safest environment possible for their patients. Yet HAIs persist despite everyone’s best efforts.

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The rising impact of HAIs on bottom line and reputation

Each HAI costs a facility approximately $25,000 in re-treatment, fines and other associated costs [1]. And that doesn’t take into the account the toll HAIs can have on a hospital’s reputation and future prospects. CFOs and CQOs are all too familiar with the HAI burden.

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The progression of environmental disinfection

Experts agree that careful cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces are essential elements of effective infection prevention programs. However, traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices in hospitals have been shown to be insufficient, but choosing the right technology to support your efforts should not be difficult. See why more hospitals choose XENEX as their standard of care for environmental hygiene.

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“Rush Foundation Hospital has always been a leader in introducing new technology to the region and we are especially pleased about the opportunity to enhance patient care and safety by using these germ-killing robots”

Jason Payne
Administrator of Rush Foundation Hospital

[1] Scott, R. D. (2009). The direct medical costs of healthcare-associated infections in US hospitals and the benefits of prevention. National Center for Preparedness, Detection, and Control of Infectious Diseases (U.S.), Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion.