I couldn’t live without… Xenex germ-zapping robot (McKnight’s Long Term Care)

Like many skilled nursing facilities, Morningside Ministries in San Antonio wanted to reduce its infection rate, specifically for patients with C. diff or MRSA, according to CEO Alvin Loewenberg.

The organization turned to Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots® to “improve the quality of life for our residents,” Loewenberg said.

The robot cleans rooms in less than 10 minutes and uses a patented UV disinfection system. Morningside is one of two SNFs in the country using Xenex.

“The robot is almost like R2-D2 out of the ‘Star Wars’ movies,” he said. So far he’s been impressed: There were two rebound infections per patient in June and July. That went to zero after September 2014, when the robot was introduced. Respiratory infections tanked to 0.4% in September 2014.

He said Morningside hopes to add more robots.

“It’s a significant investment, but there is a return on it,” he said.

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