Amazing Hospital Accomplishments At Year’s Close

In the U.S., hospitals carry a huge responsibility to make sound business decisions that help them provide quality healthcare for their community. Their various teams are always considering what investments of time, work, and dollars will bring higher quality of care to their patients, and they strive to avoid risk by choosing new technology and treatments that are evidence based. Choosing an investment with the goal of reducing their hospital acquired infections (HAIs) can demand the attention of several departments to review evidence and impacts.

It’s wonderful news when we hear that their investments of time, work, and dollars are paying dividends in the form of fewer infections and healthier hospitals.

This week, Norman Regional Health System announced a significant drop in infection rates achieved through a game-changing new approach to investment. In an innovative shared risk agreement, Xenex guaranteed Norman Regional leadership that patient infection rates on the evaluation units would decrease or they would refund the money the system invested in the robots. At the end of the measurement period, infection rates in the evaluation units dropped by statistically significant levels which resulted in a $250,000 savings for the hospital (including the cost of the robots and the labor to operate them). Because the health system has experienced such positive outcomes, it is considering expanding the program with additional robots.

“Norman Regional has even lower infection rates as a result of our robust infection prevention program, but we believe that one infection is too many. Every time someone comes into this facility they are bringing in contamination from the outside. Adding the LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots to our thorough cleaning protocol is an additional measure we have embraced to enhance safety by destroying the microscopic germs and bacteria,” said Richie Splitt, president and CEO of Norman Regional Health System. “Our Environmental Services and Infection Prevention teams worked closely together with Xenex to ensure that we were following the plan and it’s clearly working.”

They aren’t the only hospital with great news – Ochsner Health System’s Jefferson Highway facility recently deployed a fleet of Xenex LightStrike®Germ-Zapping Robots®, which is yielding substantial results. Data analysis of the first 90 days of the program demonstrated that the hospital experienced a 49% reduction in Clostridium difficile (C.diff) and 49% reduction in overall infection rates after adding LightStrike pulsed xenon ultraviolet (UV) light room disinfection to its cleaning protocol.

We’re so proud of the accomplishments of the hard-working professionals at Ochsner and Norman Regional, who put patient safety first and exceeded their goals for reduced HAIs.

Credit xenexadmin