Cost/Benefit Implications of UV Disinfection

A hospital’s environmental services team undeniably consists of dedicated, hard working people. Unfortunately, they face the inherent challenge of cleaning and disinfecting rooms thoroughly with the pressure to turn rooms over quickly for the next patient. Even with the best efforts of traditional hospital room cleaning methods, studies show that a significant number of surfaces still harbor dangerous pathogens1.

Xenex Pulsed Xenon UV disinfection technology disables pathogens that remain after standard room cleaning. This additional layer of protection takes a matter of minutes, adding minimal time to the cleaning process.

John Wisniewski, Xenex Healthcare Economic Principal, discusses the tangible financial impact that can result from using Xenex UV disinfection.

Calculating Return on Investment

At Xenex, we designed a comprehensive ROI analysis of the investment in UV disinfection technology, investigating the impact of reduced infection rates on net costs and Medicare reimbursement. We found that, taking into account the cost of buying and running Xenex LightStrike™ Robots, the technology can pay for itself within a year – an exceptional hard dollar savings that couples with improved perception and outcomes.

Multiple Xenex customers have independently submitted published clinical outcome studies2. We can retroactively apply the rate reductions from these studies to our financial models to measure the impact Xenex technology has in the real world. Hospitals often calculate the incremental cost of various types of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) to be from $3,000-$5,000, all the way to $20,000-$30,000. When considering the total annual cost of operating a Xenex robot, a hospital needs only to avoid a handful infections to recoup the investment and see those savings drop to their bottom lines.

We regularly see robots deployed at hospitals resulting in 50{a7dbd90b9ffe087840aba08710c78edd3b62ca0d1e957cc3862d95b1204bafc3}, 70{a7dbd90b9ffe087840aba08710c78edd3b62ca0d1e957cc3862d95b1204bafc3}, and even 100{a7dbd90b9ffe087840aba08710c78edd3b62ca0d1e957cc3862d95b1204bafc3} rate reductions of C. difficile (C. diff), Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and surgical site infections3. As a result, a growing number of facilities are recognizing the overwhelming benefits of using UV disinfection, many of which are documented here.

Traditional hospital management involves increasing volume and improving staffing efficiency. Rare occasions exist where a hospital has a business opportunity that will improve reimbursement, reduce net cost, and improve safety, outcomes and perception. Investment in Xenex technology produces a net impact on both the top line and the bottom line. Hospitals can then reinvest the savings into care, staffing, or facilities to improve the patient experience.

I’ve enjoyed a long career in the healthcare industry – I don’t often see a product that not only provides a great ROI, but also shows amazing clinical results.

Benefits Beyond Dollars & Cents

The financial models we’ve developed focus on the direct incremental cost of HAIs, along with impact on VBP and HAC. Aside from this conservative approach, there are significant implications on risk management, readmission rates, public perception, and even the ability to recruit and retain the best physicians.

Besides the cost reductions, value-based purchasing implications, and revenue enhancements associated with UV disinfection technology, improved clinical outcomes directly impact people’s lives. In some cases, hospitals have the chance to prevent mortality associated with these deadly infections.

Most hospital investments are designed to increase volume. It’s extremely rare to find an investment opportunity that directly combines a higher level of quality with a financial benefit.

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