Patient Experience and “The Power Of ONE”

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Employee engagement is critical to the success of any business. An engaged employee will interact more positively with their colleagues as well as patients or customers and will seek proactive ways to make improvements. Engaged employees are also generally easier to retain, so organizations benefit from their experiences and learnings. For hospitals, more engaged employees will deliver higher quality service that results in higher patient satisfaction.


At Ochsner Health System in Louisiana, an innovative program was launched in 2012. The program, called “The Power Of ONE,” to improve internal communication and employee engagement. Elements of the program include executive communications, “Power Centers” within departments to communicate quality reports and customer satisfaction scores, open Q&A sessions and more.


Key to the program is “The Power Of ONE Employee Experience,” an event that brings together front-line employees from all Ochsner hospitals and clinics. The event focuses on vision and strategy, sharing success stories on impacting lives, and opportunities to connect with Ochsner leaders in a casual environment. The event includes so many employees that it was hosted at the New Orleans Convention Center. Ochsner has found employees who attend these events to be more willing to complete employee engagement surveys and overall, more engaged. Xenex was honored to be a part of the most recent event and commends Ochsner Health System’s commitment to empowering their employees and improving the patient experience.


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