What You Could Do In 2 Minutes


In two minutes, you might be challenged to get a lot done. If you only had two minutes to clean your operating room, for example, a few surfaces might get wiped. Even if you had five or ten minutes, your chances of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the OR would be slim.

Every day as surgical cases proceed in ORs, often only five or ten minutes is allotted for manual cleaning after the prior surgery.  It’s called the between-case clean and research has found it isn’t always effective at reducing contamination. The terminal cleaning, or deep cleaning, of the OR happens nightly when surgical suites are empty. The lack of sufficient disinfection between surgical cases may be leading to surgical site infections.

MD Anderson researchers wanted to explore how even only a few minutes of our LightStrike® intense pulsed xenon ultraviolet light would compare to between-case cleaning alone. The El Haddad study conducted at MD Anderson sampled high touch surfaces after between-case cleans, then again after using a single 8-minute cycle, a 2-minute cycle, or a 1-minute cycle of pulsed xenon. The robot was positioned near the head of the OR bed.

The 2-minute cycle eliminated 72% more pathogens than manual cleaning alone on high touch surfaces around beds, including on equipment like anesthesia equipment, Mayo stands, and IV pumps. El Haddad et al noted that the short room turnover time is feasible, even for a busy OR, and could potentially reduce pathogen transmission to patients and reduce SSI rates.

What could you do in 2 minutes?

Credit xenexadmin