Municipal Shizuoka Hospital Introduced UV Irradiation Robot

Shizuoka Municipal Shizuoka Hospital in Shizuoka City has introduced a “ LightStrike” robot (made by XENEX USA, Terumo ) that can sterilize various bacteria and viruses in a short time by irradiating ultraviolet rays . This device is the first in a hospital other than a university hospital nationwide. On the 7th, we held a demonstration briefing for the press and presented it.

In June 2018, the robot was introduced to the hospital in response to a hospital-acquired infection of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter (MDRA), which can survive in the natural environment for a long time. Aim for further prevention of nosocomial infections.

According to the hospital, disinfection by human hands is limited, but light strike can be effectively disinfected by simply irradiating ultraviolet rays on the handrails of hospital rooms, operating rooms, walls and beds for about 5 to 10 minutes. Because it is not necessary to interrupt the operation of wards and rooms for a certain period of time, it can be disinfected on a daily basis.

Director Tadashi Miyashita (69) of the hospital spoke of LightStrike as “a device that can show our hospital’s policy on environmental disinfection” The purple device was named “SHIKIBU” after a well-known flower by the staff of the hospital.

8/8 (Thursday) 7:40 JST delivery

Credit Kim Manganello