Phoenix VA Health Care System Deploys Germ-Zapping Robots to Enhance Veteran Safety; Xenex Robots Destroy Pathogens that Pose a Risk to Patients, Staff & Family Members

The Phoenix Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care System is the first hospital in Arizona to deploy Xenex LightStrike™ Germ-Zapping Robots™ to destroy deadly germs and bacteria lurking on hospital surfaces that can cause hospital acquired infections (HAI).  The portable room


Sodexo launches xenon UV disinfection system at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

Sodexo Healthcare has launched Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots®,  an innovative new ultraviolet disinfection system that provides increased protection against the spread of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) caused by pathogens such as MRSA. London – June 20, 2016 — Sodexo and the



Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot Kills CRE; Robot Destroys Nightmare Bacteria Like CRE, Ebola & C. diff Before They Make People Sick

San Antonio, TX – May 27, 2016 — Hospitals are engaged in a ferocious battle against the deadly pathogens and multi drug-resistant organisms (MDROs) which cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) has arrived in the U.S., and fortunately



Q&A With Dr. Sarah Simmons on Lab vs Real World Testing

This interview with Dr. Sarah Simmons explores her mission to help improve the way surface disinfection technologies are validated, so that testing standards for everyone are the same (comparable), and that those standards mimic conditions in real hospital environments. Dr.


Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot® Destroys Ebola Virus & Anthrax Spores in New Study Performed at Texas Biomed Biosafety Level 4 Lab

San Antonio – November 17, 2015 — The Ebola virus epidemic in 2014 demonstrated that deadly pathogens can and do cross borders, creating challenges of preparedness for hospitals and health care workers. It is critical that healthcare facilities have tools