Setting a higher standard in environmental disinfection

We believe even one HAI is too many. Our mission is to save lives and reduce suffering by destroying deadly microorganisms that can cause healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

The new Standard of Care

We are determined to help hospitals achieve their HAI reduction goals to safeguard patients, their staff, and their bottom lines.

Evidence-based Science

We are dedicated to leveraging scientific evidence to inform our program designs. Our best practice protocols are derived from our real-world hospital outcome studies and are at the foundation of our unmatched HAI rate reduction success.

Commitment to patient safety

Patient safety is more than words to us; it’s our core motivation. It drives us to disrupt the old methods of environmental disinfection, underlies our evidence-based approach, and makes us relentless in our pursuit of your HAI rate reduction results.

Building on our scientific foundation

XENEX was founded by two epidemiologists and their scientific discipline is behind everything we do— from our evidence based protocols to our deployment strategies and ongoing analysis. Our teams leverage their diverse backgrounds and expertise in epidemiology, infection prevention, and six sigma implementation to reduce infection rates in your hospital.

We actively conduct research, collaborating with leading healthcare institutions and through the NIH to drive knowledge that answers the pressing questions that are challenging today’s infection preventionists, environmental service personnel, and infectious disease physicians. Our teams and our customers regularly present their latest research at professional conferences, conduct webinars, and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals and educational industry websites.

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Hospitals reporting HAI rate
reductions are the most compelling
validation of our efforts

Working with our customers’ unique data, we build comprehensive reports that translate HAI rate reduction impacts to improved hospital rankings and powerful returns on investment.

57%reductionin MRSA infection rates

Cone Health System
in JIP 2013

Download Peer Reviewed Study

70%reductionin C. diff infection rates

Westchester Medical Center
in AJIC 2015

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100%reductionin total joint SSIs

Trinity Medical Center
in AJIC 2015

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Talk about a win/win!
No Risk Infection Rate Reduction Program

At XENEX, we understand the challenges of prioritizing financial purchases and recognize choosing the right solution can be difficult. That is why we have created the World’s First and Only Trials to Outcomes Program™ to make your decision easy. Combining XENEX technology and protocol, we put the burden of proof on our infection rate reduction program! In other words, we take all of the risk and our customers pay absolutely nothing until infection rates are reduced by at least 20%.