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APIC 2017: Expanding the Infection Control Bundle | Xenex

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APIC 2017: Expanding the Infection Control Bundle

Jun 28 2017 by xenexadmin

At APIC 2017 this year, we presented a panel symposium, “Expanding the Infection Control Bundle - How No-Touch Disinfection is Interacting With Other Infection Control Practices,” which generated some exciting discussion. The panel was moderated by our own Director of Science, Dr. Sarah Simmons, and also featured Dr. Mitch Rubenstein, Dr. Patty Grota, Kristin Pickerell and Barbara Soule.

Our goal was to discuss not only how no-touch UV disinfection with our LightStrike Robots lowers infection rates, but also best practices for infection prevention throughout the patient experience, including isolation practices, antimicrobial stewardship and hand hygiene compliance.


Barbara Soule kicked off the discussion with insights on MRSA and VRE contact precautions being discontinued with stable or decreased HAI rates. Then, Dr. Mitch Rubenstein discussed methodologies for incorporating Xenex LightStrike Robots in conjunction with other infection prevention strategies and how the use of this technology is becoming a standard of care.


The panel also discussed the importance of hand hygiene compliance, as well as antibiotic resistance and how doctors handle antibiotic prescriptions, comparing a doctor’s “license” to prescribe antibiotics to a drivers’ license and following traffic rules - proper antimicrobial stewardship requires the doctor to believe compliance with rules for prescribing antibiotics is what’s best for all.


Thanks again to everyone who joined us at the symposium! To learn more about infection prevention strategies, check out our Treatment and Defense white paper.


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